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dirty party
Pamela could not wait for me to butt fuck her and then stick my dirty cock into my wife’s mouth.

Without acknowledging me she asked my wife if she was willing to become a ‘Dirty Girl’ and the answer was yes.

“Ask him to butt fuck me.” My wife said, “Honey, would you please fuck Pamela in her ass and let me suck your dirty cock afterwards. I really want you to, honey. You can fuck my ass anytime that you want to as long as you stick your dirty cock in my mouth afterwards. I’m tired of being a ‘Good Girl.’ Please make me a Dirty Girl.” I smiled at my wife and said, “Okay. I want you two to get upstairs, to get naked, and to get on my bed.” They scampered off quickly and I watched Pamela stick her hand up my wife’s skirt again.

My wife smiled and asked, “Do you want me to moisten your cock or her asshole for you?” Pamela started shaking her head, yes.

I wondered how much I had missed over the years, had she always been a Dirty Girl just pretending to be a Good Girl? After my wife had cleaned Pamela I told her that I had butt fucked Pamela at work that morning.

She told my wife that she too was a Dirty Girl but that her husband just didn’t understand her needs.

My wife asked about her husband and Pamela said, “Fuck him, I make more than enough money to live on.” My wife told Pamela that she was welcome in our bed and in our marriage.
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