Dirty yoga instructors naughty lesson

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Dirty yoga instructors naughty lesson
I then pulled her up, walked her into the cage, locked it, put the keys out of reach and walked up to my study.

Perfect I thought, I just go to her house tonight around 12 am, put the car in her garage, sneak into the house when she’s asleep, go into her room, knock her out with some chlorophyll, then it’s the same drill as with Karley, and maybe I’ll go back in to steal some of her sexy revealing clothes to dress my slaves up in, not like she’ll need them at home anymore.

“Slut, nod if the temperature is right, and do nothing if it’s to hot or cold, I’ll figure it out.” I said to her.

The I grabbed the shampoo and poured some on her head, before rubbing it in and then rinsing it out.

Turning off the water, I picker her up and out of the tub, before grabbing one of the towels I had, and dried her body off, before fingering her pussy.

I began to walk out, snapped my fingers behind me and said “Come bitch, time to go back to your cage, bitches don’t make dinner, I’ll bring you something.” She followed me and crawled into her cage, before I locked it, and headed upstairs.

I then place on the ground and said “Dinner is served, bitch.” She crawled over to the bowls and went to pick up some lasagna with her hand, which I kicked out of the way before telling her “Nuh uh slut, you’re a bitch, and bitches don’t eat with their hands.” She looked completely demoralized as she bent her head down into the bowl to take a bite, getting all sorts of sauce all over her face and neck.

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If I’m going to wait for them to go to bed, I might as well see if I can find out about this other girl I thought.

I decided to get them both out first before getting them ready to take with me so I walked over to the air mattress and carefully dropped to 1 knee.

I knew no one would hear a struggle now that the other was out, so I went for speed it shoving the cloth right into her nose and mouth.

I picked up Hope, and placed her on top of Kristen, and picked up them together and walked them down stairs and out to the garage.

Speaking of time, what time was it, I stooped in her room, pulled out my phone, to see that it was 2:15, I only had 45 minutes.
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