Division 1 College Football Star FUCKS Stacked Asian Fan Girl

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Division 1 College Football Star FUCKS Stacked Asian Fan Girl

John then suggested that she wear the boots but i told her to take out both.

She ask John kindly if he could help her take off the strap on her heels and John kindly obey.

The assistant ops manager then came in and notice John concern face and asked what happen.

John carry her up and pushes her on the glass windows overlooking the whole factory worker.

John didn’t get to touch Samantha at all after that and I know he must greatly regret for acting like a gentleman.

I ask John to keep our valuable with him, she pass John our wedding rings, phones and her ID. There lots of teenage girls flashes their boobs to the camera, some even took off their tops.

John grab her from behind and force his hand into her hot pants while kissing her.

John unbuttoned her hot pants so they can see the top of her pantie while she was touching his buldge pants.

John then unzip to take out his dick, she was so hot in this scene as she grab John dick and started moving back and forth.

John hold her up in the air for a while to show her sexy body.

John continue to shout and provoke the security guard as he walkaway.

John then ask Samantha to tell the crowd she is the slut wife that needed cock in her.

John didn’t try to stop people from touching her.

As the stranger start fucking her, I ask him to take good care of her first while i go look for John.

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I saw John dancing around with one slutty Asian girl, I ask John lets leave and go back to our hotel.

Can easily hear John training Nicole as there was slapping sounds and she was moaning very loudly.

In my office, my secretary is Nicole the girl that use to serve John.

John reported production increase because everyone want to hit their quota and go back to their house and fuck her.

John brought us there the next day, we reach around 12pm, it was like a dessert and a rest stop with a bar.

Lots of Harley Davidson bikes outside, John didn’t want to go in, Samantha wear similar to what she wore to rave.

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