doggy she orgasm more than 5 times

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doggy she orgasm more than 5 times

The dog didn’t stop pummelling her cunt until he spewed his spunk into her.

Lydia kept her face and tits on the floor tiles so I couldn’t see her face, but I could see the dog pounding his cock into her willing cunt.

Isn’t mother nature wonderful! Soon the dog wanted to pull his cock out of Lydia’s cunt, but with her orgasm having tightened her cunt and his big knot still inside her he couldn’t get away.

The dog shuffled forward until his cock flopped into her hand and she greedily fed it into her hungry cunt.

“Well, the position I was in must have left my cunt completely open because before I knew it the dog’s cock was deep in my cunt and he was fucking me hard before I could move. I tried to get out but I was jammed up agaiinst the sofa and with the dog deep inside my cunt I couldn’t move because of the weight of the dog. He just fucked me so hard and so fast I was cumming all the time. I can’t begin to tell you how good that first fuck was, even though it was a total and utter surprise and I would never have let it happen given the opportunity to stop it – honest, you have to believe me?” “So, what happened then?” I asked.

As we drove along the road I watched out of the corner of my eye as Lydia held the dog’s head between her thighs so she could feel the heat of his breath on her hot cunt.

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Lydia wasn’t paying any attention to the road as she had her eyes shut and was concentrating on the feeling of her cunt with the warm dog breath gently blowing on it and the touch of his tongue.

The driver had his window open and I stayed next to him as he cruised alongside us watching our dog feverishly lick Lydia’s cunt.

She didn’t want to really but was scared of being discovered by someone attracted to the barking; clearly no thought about stopping her dog fucking her! She told me that the dog had spunked in her mouth before our dog spunked in her cunt and she had swallowed the whole load before carrying out her cleaning ritual on her cunt to eat our dog’s spunk.
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