Don’t Tell Mommy

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Don’t Tell Mommy
“Mmm, yes, yes, let Mommy take care of your cock,” I moaned.

“I’m going to cum all over your tits if you keep doing that.” “Cum on Mommy’s tits!” I moaned.

“You’re pussy so hot and juicy!” “And Mommy just loves having her sexy son back in her!” I moaned.

“Ride him, Mom! You’re going to cum so hard on him.” “Mommy will!” I moaned.

“Mommy loves your cock!” I moaned over and over again, my passion rising over my two daughters whimpering in the background.

“Mommy wants your cum spurting into me!” “Yes!” panted Billy.

“Mommy loves you so much, Billy!” I howled as my pussy convulsed around his cock, milking him.

“Cum in your Mommy’s cunt! Please, please, Billy! Mommy needs your cum!” “Give it to her!” Brad moaned.

“Flood our mommy’s snatch!” Billy groaned.

“A pussy-slut needs to have a great set of tits. Bigger tits. Like Mommy’s. But we’ll deal with that later. For now, keep getting naked.” “Yes!” Billy groaned.

“Do you love Mommy’s tits?” “I’m not into girls, and I’m certainly not into my mother’s tits! I’m not a perv like Billy!” I glared at him, his hairy chest glistening with sweat as he fucked his sister’s pussy.

“Just love Mommy’s tits.’ I didn’t want to. I was horrified that I was doing this. My mouth climbed up her breasts, smooching higher and higher. I came closer and closer to her nipples. Her blue eyes stared down at me with such hunger as I nibbled closer and closer.”This is incest, Mom!” I moaned.

You have to stop this! Use that remote on Billy!” “Mommy knows it’s incest,” she purred.

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My mouth popped off her nub so I could moan, “I do! I’m your pussy-slut, Mom!” “Mommy!” she corrected.

“You always obey Mommy and your brother, Billy.

Eat Mommy’s cunt! Lick Mommy clean!” She shuddered, those huge breasts of hers swaying.

“You taste amazing! The best thing in the world! I’m your pussy-slut, Mommy!” “Her pussy-slut!” grunted Billy.

“Oh, yes, you’re such a good pussy-slut! Mommy loves it!” “I love it!” Billy grunted.

“Yes, yes, yes, watch Mommy, Billy! Watch Mommy cum on your sister’s mouth.

“Yes, yes, yes, now jam your tongue into Mommy’s asshole! Love Mommy’s asshole, Anal-slut!” I obeyed.

“Mommy loves how nasty you are!” “Cum again, Mom!” groaned Billy.
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