Drunk Alaina fucks her step brother after a night out

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Drunk Alaina fucks her step brother after a night out
“We’re trying to make sure it doesn’t come to that, but it may end up being unavoidable. Now, if you’re uncomfortable with taking this mission I would completely understand.” Carol was a bit overwhelmed by the request.

Stan leaves the room and both Alaina and Carol get to their feet.

“Surewhat are you gonna tell me first?” “I don’t teach by words, I show. Now take your clothes off.” “Wait here?!? Bum they can see through that glass!” Carol exclaimed.

“Hold on, you’re trying to become a whore and your worried about your fucking privacy? Take them off” She yells, and slaps Carol hard on the face.

Tears come to Carols eyes, and she complies, beginning to remove her clothes.

Alaina then walks over to the table and sits on it, taking a long look at the naked Carol, whose nipples were erect from the cold of the room.

“Now, most people you meet will like a bit of brutality to their sex” she states while rubbing her ass, “So let’s start with some spanking.” Before Carol can utter a word of protest Alaina slaps her ass as hard as she can.

Carol lets out a scream of pain, and before she can recover Alaina unleashes a barrage of hits that are nearly unbearable to the sobbing Carol.

Each hit made a loud smack, but ended up getting drowned out by Carols screams.

“Get up Alaina commanded,” and forced carol two her knees.

Carol did not have much experience giving blowjobs, but tried her best, gripping the shaft a sucking as hard as she could.

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Alaina let out a sigh, and reached behind Carol’s head, gripped her by the hair and began to force fuck her face.

“Oh, you think we’re done do you? We’ve still got one more thing to do.” Alaina grabbed Carol and forced her onto the table, lying face down with her legs dangling at the sides.

“No, not my ass, I’ve never done that before!” Carol objected.
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