Drunk College Girl at Party Getting Fucked

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Drunk College Girl at Party Getting Fucked

“Fuck you, Ari.” “Look, girl, if you are tryin’ to get fucked tonight, you couldn’t have possible picked out a better dress for the occasion. In fact, you probably wouldn’t have to do much.” Tina noticed Arielle’s voice trail off into nothing, and then felt a pair of hands clamp down onto the paper-thin black material and yank upwards.

“What the fuck, Ari?!” Tina protested, smacking at Arielle’s hands while she fought to wrestle the dress back down into place.

“Ari, slow down!” Tina protested, pulling her arm back as they crossed through a hallway lined with mounted animal heads and ‘Class of 1997’ fraternity group photos in opulent, gold-leafed frames.

“Tina. Cute. Okay, Tina,” the backwards-hat wearing jock repeated as he flashed a look over to his opponent.

“We’ll see, boys!” Tina responds, with sober Tina still incredulously watching on from the back seat as whatever was spiked in that keg continued to goad drunk Tina further and further down whatever rabbit hole she has embedded herself in.

“Alright, Tina. How about something new?” Pat asked, striding over towards the even-more-drunk-than-before Tina.

“Get under the table, Tina.” “Uh, what does this have to do with the game?” “Just do it, sexy. You said we could up the ante, didn’t you?” Tina shrugged and decided to go along with this next round of the game.

The line between drunk Tina and sober Tina had been getting thinner all night, and drunk Tina was the one coming out on top.

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Faint, slick, slurping noises started to regularly intermingle with the other sounds of the party while Tina eagerly sucked down inch after inch of the Patrick’s bitchbreaker.

“Tina, what the fuck? I told you not to get in trouble. Your ass is all over Twitter. There are pictures of you everywhere. Are you covered in cum?” Tina felt a smile form on the corners of her cum-stained lips.
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