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Eleven Inches
Fucked up the Butt by Tony meant one thing, no Condom, that’s the way he wanted it that’s the way I gave it.

Tony, on the other hand is built like a fucking Tank.

Squeezing my legs around his waist I fucking grinded my little Dick into his Hairy Stomach, pushing my smooth hairless Crotch up against his tight Abbs.

I cried out in pure fucking pleasure as Tony pounded his Hot Cock rapidly in and out of my Lubed Fuck hole.

The difference in size between us made me feel like a little boy being fucked by his daddy, It was so Hottt! Tony was anxious to Cum it was his only focus.

My damned Butt Muscles throbbed as He Nailed me fucking hard with his lips to my neck Tony drooled on me I felt his saliva running down my shoulder.

Screaming for him to stop teasing me I begged him to fuck my Ass.

Tony lunged into me and began fucking me like a Crazed Maniac.

Our lips touched as we melted into a sensually deep French Kiss His Moustache and Goatee tickled my face while he forced his long Tongue into my mouth at the same time Ramming his Fuck Stick as far into my ass as it would go.

Oh my God! I thought, I had never been fucked like this before ever! The intensity of his powerful pounding thrusts into my throbbing Rectum was hard to handle even for me.

“Yeah Daddy, pound my Tight Ass, Pound it up my Fucking Guts Lover!” I screamed at him.

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“You want my fucking nut it your Ass, huh, you dirty little Bitch!” He shot back.

Looking him straight in the eye’s and clenching my teeth I told him to Cum in my Ass “Shoot your hot juice deep into my Pussy Daddy, C’mon, fucking cum in my Ass, Cum inside of me!” Talking dirty to him I then licked into His ear which spurred him on.

My Lovers need to hit the big “O” was now the Pinnacle of our fuck session.

The noises my sloppy hole was making as he fucked it were obscene.

His laboured breathing along with the pulsing of his Fuck Stick in me told me one thing.
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