Ex Gf having multiple Orgasms

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Ex Gf having multiple Orgasms
Most of the kids from my school went to the raves or the samba parties, so I was left to represent.

She had the most perfect ass I’ve seen in my whole life, no question about it.

I could just make out the outline of her pink thong peaking out of her leggings.

She had some skills, but so did I. As we dance, I could feel my dick being sliding up and down between her ass.

So we got to talking, and I found out that were both 15.

She told me she went for an assault and battery charge.

Then I remembered how good her ass felt the night before, and decided to press on.

Sunday night I was talking to her, and got up the nerve to ask her to hang out next weekend.

My friend bob said “Bruh you can’t do it, she went to jail for being the shit outta someone, what if she does it to you?” My other friend tim said “I gotta agree with bob, this girl ain’t safe.” I responded “Fuck that shit, ya’ll have not seen her ass. The booty is magnificent.” Tim said “Bro it’s a bad idea, that’s all I’m saying.” I told them both “Ya’ll trip to much, I promises you it’ll be all good.” We dropped and talked about something else.

I went home and made some bullshit up to my mom about going over to bob’s house and I wouldn’t be back to late tonight.

She looked sexy as hell! We went inside and we went and sat on her bed.

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She turned back around and walked towards me slowly and asked “Are you ready for all this?” while pointing to her ass.

My hands immediately went to her ass and I laid back and enjoyed her griding.

I sat up and started sucking on the right one, never taking my hands off her ass.

She moaned louding and said “I’m gonna cum again, oh yah fuck the shit outta me, YAAHHHH.” As she came, the spray was almost enough to push my dick out of her, but I held steady and fucked her through her orgasm.

I pulled out of her and lied down so she could get on top.

I grabbed on to her beautifull ass, and let her ride.

” She said “Cumm on my ass!” At the last second I took my dick out of her and busted all over her amazing ass.

I came the most I ever had in my life, and her ass was almost covered.

I drove home, and while I was reflecting, I decided, it was a good ass day.
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