Extra Big Dicks Buddy Taking Care Of Morning Wood

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Extra Big Dicks Buddy Taking Care Of Morning Wood
I started making out with him and one of the white guys at the same time as the third guy pressed his cock up against my back and squeezed on my booty.

I’d say his cock was as big as Randy’s, but a bit more girth.

“Ahh damn, yeah that’s it. Take it all the way in.”, the black man said to me as I slurped on his entire long cock.

There were short cocks, long cocks, fat cocks, skinny cocks and even a few uncircumcised cocks.

Fredo had an uncircumcised thick, long dick about the size of Mr. Kase’s horse cock.

Chapter 11 Cocks and Tail I looked back at Fredo and the camera and gave a grin.

Then the large cock having black man got his shot at my butt.

A little over half way in he finally squirted some lube on his cock.

The white guy let me take control of the cock sucking.

The white guys cock I was sucking began face fucking me again.

His grip on my head tightened and his cock stiffened.

The guy put his cock back in my mouth and continued face fucking me.

“Yeah you do. Suck that cock pretty boy.”, said Fredo before returning behind me to film.

Raheem pulled out and a few other not so special cocks had their way with me.

Chapter 14 Familiar Cock The Mexican guy behind me shortly seized up and blew a big, warm load in my butt.

“Aww, yeah baby. Get it, ride my cock.”, Randy replied.

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well, if we aren related, it s legal if we have gay sex

Another guy stopped him and started riding his cock.

The guy drizzled quite a bit of lube on their cocks.

Meanwhile Fredo lifted my left leg and stuck his big fucking cock in me.

The guy holding the camera was getting lots of angles, close ups of him working my asshole with his cock.

Let alone handsome guys with such big cocks that wanted to screw me.

As soon as I whipped out his long, fat cock and put it in my mouth.

Because my mind was still focused on Mr. Dryson and his huge cock.

“Hold on one second sexy”, he said pulling his cock out my mouth.

His humongous cock grew harder and harder with every insertion into my ass.
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