Family Strokes – Creepy Brother Stalks and Fucks Step-Sister

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Family Strokes – Creepy Brother Stalks and Fucks Step-Sister
“Why are you in charge sis?” Leo speaks clearly, “Forget it some guys at school invited me and when I said I had a sister invited you to a party, but we have to go right now if we are going to make it.” “Our first real party.” I talk with Leo as I halfheartedly fight with Kuru Leo’s adorable and also sometimes a handful dog, “Okay as the 4 minute older twin I say it’s alright if we go as long as you don’t do anything to wild okay Leo?” “Sure thing sis let’s go.” Leo says evenly calling me by his pet name for me.

Leo is rewarded with a steady stream of pussy nectar, Leo thinking he was making me orgasm in my sleep drinks up what he had stolen and leaves.

Leo must wonder how far he can go, how deep the sleep is, Leo presses his thumb into my mouth, still not waking me up Leo grabs a pair of my wet panties and shoves them into my mouth slowly.

Pinning me against the wall he begins prodding into me roughly getting more of my pussy juice on his cock head. It starts to hurt a little and I tell Leo so, “It hurts a little Leo, please be gentle, go slow.” So he lowers me softly onto his cock getting more and more into me stretching my hymen to the limit before pounding himself all the way up to rub my cervix.

“Your pussy feels incredible sis, I’m going to cum sis.” “Oh oh oh Leo don’t cum inside my vagina, I’m on my period, but I might still get pregnant.” “I can’t hold it sis!” “Noooooooo, don’t cum inside my pussy Leo, don’t cum big brother pull out!” “Here it comes! Fuck!” “Leo, not inside. Leo!” I feel Leo cum deep inside my contracting pussy.

“What do you want, you want me to ride your cock Leo.” “Yeah damn right I do, it feels so good to fuck your pussy sis.” I keep on teasing my pussy with only the tip of Leo’s cock, riding only the tip.

“What’s wrong sis? Also do you think I could finally fuck your sweet ass?” “How do you want it Leo?” “Take it all the way, fucking ride my cock hard!” “Since you asked so nicely.” I giggle and drop my weight down suddenly impaling myself on Leo’s cock feeling it hit my cervix hard feeling like an internal punch.

Leo becomes more aggressive flipping me over onto my back, moving around and pounding his cock like a wild animal in and out of my fuck hole, I feel his hand move down my legs grabbing them and pulling them up by my head. I feel as Leo teases both my holes, fucking my pussy until I am about to orgasm the switching to my ass confusing me.

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“Come on big bother Leo.” I say as I go into the bathroom with Leo, we shower together and have a passionate novel quickie ending with me having cum in my butt to wash out.

Last words we exchange leave me feeling kind of like a jerk I say, “I don’t think I’m ready for something like that yet and I don’t think I ever will be Leo.” Leo keeps at me with his insistent pleading, “Come on Sis, please let me tie you up and have Kuru fuck you, knotting in you is a must and of course I would be taking pictures the whole time.” “The answer is still no Leo, I’m too young to be thinking about bondage and sex with your dog.” Story # A kind of romance story between twin brother and twin sister.

The pain is so bad I shake hard and Leo tells me, “Hold still Sis you’re not ready to go to class yet.” I watch and feel as Leo sticks three of the pencils up my asshole, then he shoves the marker up twitching pussy, lastly I feel the pain of him forcing a pencil up my urethra filling the hole I pee from painfully.

Straightening my too tight pink panties and my plain blue skirt Leo gives my butt a hard swat saying, “That’s sexy Sis, remember you can’t remove any of that today, you understand?” “Yes big brother I will be good and I won’t take anything off. But what if-” Leo cuts me off with a hard passionate kiss that sends my head spinning, we tangle tongues and all too soon we break the kiss.

“We have a problem Sis.” “What happened Leo?” “Sis the pencil, I can’t reach it, it went too far up your peehole.” I feel Leo scrapping around at my urethra opening, I squeeze and try to pee Leo manages to get the pencil out and then a stream of built up pee squirts out and Leo latches his mouth down on my crotch catching the piss in is mouth.

“Come my bitch we are going for a walk.” I look up and see Leo smiling back at me wearing winter clothes a shiver runs up my spine, not the outdoors again, in the winter, is Leo trying to kill me.

The ice is colder than I remembered, it hurts more, Leo us upon me squeezing and fondling my chest Leo puts clothespins on my nipples, on my clit and on my labia lips.
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