Family Strokes – Curvy Step mom Gets Cum Filled Mouth

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Family Strokes – Curvy Step mom Gets Cum Filled Mouth

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” There is the sound of the woman gasping in pleasure as the camera starts back up, showing her lying back on the hotel bed as Jake plows into her in the missionary position.

The woman manages to get all of Jake’s cock inside her and starts to bounce, making “Ee” sounds as she bottoms out: “Ee…ee…ee…” “Goddamn, look at these knockers!” Jake says, and the camera zooms in as he grabs them.

The camera goes back to Jake, who is looking directly at it.

A man can be seen approaching through the window and when he opens the door Jake says, “I’m your buddy Jake, from work. Invite me in, guy.” The man grins.

“Jake! Come on in, dude! Honey, this is Jake.” A beautiful brunette walks into the foyer, confused.

“What’s the camera for?” Jake answers, “We’re shooting a documentary on the company…right now we’re showing how well off our employees are, to get more interest from applicants.” He turns back to the man.

“So the kids are hers and you married into the ‘insta-family’, huh? You’re a good guy,” Jake says, appraising the stepdad. Jake stands up.

“Yes?” A pause as she looks at Jake and then to…”Rob? Why are you here?” “Your name is Rob? I wouldn’t have guessed that…Fred, or maybe John…anyway…he’s here to get back together with you, Lisa. You like that idea.” She pauses for a moment, and then says, “Oh, yes, that would be great!” Jake takes the camera and points it at the erstwhile lovers.

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After a few minutes Jake commands, “Flip over, both of you.” They do, and now Lisa is getting fucked from behind while Jake shoves his cock back inside the girlfriend.

“Well, Rob, m’boy, our time is at an end. It’s been fun. Give me the camera.” After the hardware has switched to Jake he continues.
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