Family Strokes – Fucked My Step-Dad While Mom Was Sleeping

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Family Strokes – Fucked My Step-Dad While Mom Was Sleeping
How can a man be so good at controlling a woman’s desire, heart and soul? The more she thought about how happy he has made her and how happy her mom is all the time.

Sandra imagined her mom strapped to the bondage table, the spanking bench or the St Andrews Cross being used and enjoying every minute of it.

Mom, has Dad ever cheated on you? Baby you have to understand your Dad, my husband and Master, does what he pleases without question or jealousy from me as his loving slave.

Mom you are right about the pain increasing the intensity of the pleasure.

What about you mom? I would never object if it pleases my Master and my sweet daughter.

Sandra followed her Mom across the hall to her room.

How do you know he did that to me mom? Janis giggled.

About fifteen minutes time has past since she tied her mom to the bed.

Welcome home Dad. Mom needs to talk to you in the bedroom asap.

Master would you like me to bring you and mom a plate? Yes, that will be very nice.

Master? No mom Master left for work letting you sleep.

Right? Mom what do I do Dad can’t be in you and me at the same time and I know you need him and you are first.

Mom, you will never need to cook again unless you want to and hugged her mom.

Mom, you are the greatest woman I know and I owe you so much I can never do enough to repay.

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You know what your dad told me? No what, mom? He said you are a complete younger version of me and he smiled and kissed me when he said it.

Do you have someone in mind that is like dad that might want me? Mom giggled.

The advantage to that is having a loving, caring Master like your Dad. He loves me very deeply and would never hurt me physically or mentally and he will never do anything to break my delicate heart.

Baby do you remember the few times that Frank spanked you for doing something wrong? Yes, Mom I do.

Sandra came to the realization that her mom has given her an unselfish invitation to be as happy and loved as her mom is.

Sandra led the way to her mom’s room closing the door behind them.

You did? Mom, I am your daughter just like Sandra a chip off the old block like her.

Frank stared down at her for several minutes as the others watched wondering what he is going to do to punish her as they all knew she had broken the rule, obey without question or hesitation any command from him or Mom.
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