Family Strokes – nerdy step-Bro Fucked Me For Homework

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Family Strokes – nerdy step-Bro Fucked Me For Homework
Henry’s eyes traveled down my chest and stomach to the obvious outline of my 7.5″ cock in my shorts.

His eyes turned back to my cock, the head of which was now sticking out of my shorts.

His hand reached out and slowly grasped the thick girth of my cock through my shorts.

He began to rub the light fabric of my shorts against my shaft, his grip solid and warm against my cock.

Henry stared, taking in the image of my full, heavy balls and thick cock standing out from my manicured patch of dark blond pubic hair.

His cock was virtually the same length as mine, a bit less thick, but perfectly straight and incredibly hard.

Our hard cocks rubbed against each other as I lay on top of him.

The warmth of his hand gripping my bare cock was driving me crazy.

A strand of clear precum, shining in the low light of the desk lamp, connected me to the round, red tip of his cock.

I took a long, deep breath, and then I placed the tip of his cock in my mouth.

After a few seconds, I had his whole cock in my mouth.

In no time, I was engulfing his cock wildly, slurping as I reached the tip and plunging back down again.

I couldn’t usually come from a blow job, but I started to feel the familiar tingling sensation deep in my prostate start up as his warm, wet lips passed over the head of my cock.

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I gently pulled his mouth off of my cock and looked into those gorgeous eyes.

I watched as he rubbed the liquid up and down his beautiful cock.

“It might be easier if you stand up,” I said, since the raised bed put me at the perfect height to take his rigid cock.

I stared into his face as he positioned the head of his cock at my hole.

” He smiled broadly as I felt the tip of his cock push up against me.

Slowly, he began to move his cock in a gentle rhythm.

I could feel his cock against my prostate, and my hard cock seemed to pulsate with his movements.

I looked up at him through our bouncing, grinding bodies and told him to grab my cock.

The feel of my hard cock in his hand must have sent him over the edge, and I began to feel his hips start to buck wildly.
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