Family Strokes – Step sister Fucks Step brother Next to Blind Dad

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Family Strokes – Step sister Fucks Step brother Next to Blind Dad
A terrified squeal from his mother draws the attention of Dennis and Taylor who jump to their feet as they watch Teddy’s hands slide down Lori’s back to cup her tight ass cheeks and lift her up.

Cries become screams and the sound of sweaty flesh slapping sweaty flesh becomes greater and then Taylor squeezes her mother’s hand and shouts, “CUMMING, DADDDDY! MAKE ME CUM CUM CUMMMM, DADDDDY!” The sight of her daughter having an orgasm induced by Dennis sends Lori over the edge as well and she begins bucking and shaking as she comes again while impaled by her son’s cock.

Teddy uses what little energy he has left to lift himself off his mother, his cock slowly worming its way out of her clasping cunt, his penis still amazingly stiff – drawing a long moan from his mother as he does before he tumbles onto his side, gasping for air.

“I’m going to suck Teddy’s hot spunk right out of your mommy cunt!” The young woman, her strength recovered and now aroused as never before, climbs atop her mother straddling Lori’s face – her own cum filled cunt above her mother’s own face.

As her mother’s screams of pleasure fade, Taylor undulates her hips, rubbing her cunt over her mother’s face and hisses, “I’m so close, Mom – please don’t stop.

Lick my clitty – suck it and lick it, make me CUM, Mother!” Taylor tightens her thighs against Lori’s face and digs her hands into her mother’s tight cheeks and rolls them over, still locked in a sixty-nine, bringing her mother on top.

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Teddy holds off long enough to see this happening, grinning as he moves behind his mother, hands taking hold of her ass and ogling the carnal scene of his sister licking their mother.

Taylor gives him a last lick and wheezes, “F-fuck Mom! Fuck Mom now!” Now comes Lori’s turn to scream as her pussy, already quivering from their previous monster fuck and her daughter’s tongue is again assaulted by his thick, erect penis! Seeking comfort, Teddy’s mother presses her face into her daughter’s naked flesh, currently engorged with Dennis’s erect penis.
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