Family Therapy Step-Mother’s Favor

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Family Therapy Step-Mother’s Favor
Lisa is a full-time registered pediatric nurse who at the time was working at the Children’s Hospital, which was adjacent to the main hospital.

So after we chatted, Lisa asked me a question, “Hey Mark, when do you get off work here?” “About 8 pm. Why?” I asked Lisa after that brief reply.

For someone who at the time was in her mid-40s’, she was still a classy, drop-dead, smokin-hot broad. Lisa was a tall, slender kind of gal with long, wavy honey blond hair that want down between her shoulders & her nice, round ass.

Something told me that my evening would lead to something better as far as the drive home with Lisa went, even though I had no idea what it would have in store for both of us.

Sure enough, Lisa came struttin’ down the corridor until she was able to spot me.

Since Lisa happen to have her cell phone on her, I had her call and order carry-out.

“Maybe I’ll have what you’re having.” Lisa & I both like our barbecue ribs.

“Not to worry, my son Jerry usually has his shampoo, deodorant, etc. in the other bathroom. So you’ll be fine.” Resting assured, I said, “I guess it’s cool then.” So after I put my SUV in park, I turned it off, got out and open the front passenger door to let Lisa out with our supper.

“Do you like what you see so far, Mark baby?” Lisa asked as if she was trying to flirt with me.

“Damn Mark!” Lisa said, “That’s a big cock you have.” “You like what you see?” I asked her with a devilish grin.

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Soto after Lisa got on her knees, she unbuttoned her top completely, then took it off- exposing her bra with her 36DD tubes still tucked away.

Since all we had left were table scraps, Lisa emptied our dinner plates plates and put the remaining scrapes down the garbage disposal.

“Why don’t we go into my bedroom, okay?” Lisa asked.

“OHHH., YES, YES., YES!!!!” Lisa yelled out as her pussy juices shot in my mouth.

“You know for somebody who hasn’t eaten pussy in a long time, you sure know how to eat the hell out of woman. Don’t you?” Lisa said.
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