Fantasy Massage Curvy Sister Makes Step-Brother Hard

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Fantasy Massage Curvy Sister Makes Step-Brother Hard
As the two rode by, Aroal noticed some of the women looking at them with interest.

Her light blue skin had an exotic beauty that Aroal didn’t see in the other races of the Alliance.

Dreading staying with them, Aroal decided to try and make a desperate attempt to get away.

“Very well, just be back in a couple of hours. Mother and father will have my head if something were to happen to you.” Nodding quickly, Aroal sent off in the direction of the tent he saw the Draenei enter.

Aroal hesitated for a moment, intimidated by the Orc’s gruff appearance.

“It’s twelve gold for a half hour and seventeen for a full hour. You can have your pick of any girl here as long as she’s not with anyone else. If you hurt or threaten any of the girls you will be kicked out by my friend up front and will never be allowed back in. If you wish for something’special’ you will have to give me at least a days notice to set it up. Do you understand?” Aroal nodded.

After a moment or two, Aroal felt a pair of hands on his back.

Suddenly, Aroal felt her hands on his ass as she began to clean them as well as his thighs.

Aroal could feel his arousal growing stronger as his cock began to press against her slit.

Aroal moaned in pleasure as Kluhina began to move up and down.

“After all, you did pay for the hour.” Once Aroal was nice and dry, he was taken naked down the hall to another room.

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Aroal never thought he’d ever find one of these places, let alone be serviced at one.

“Then turn around.” As soon as Aroal was face up on the table, Kluhina climbed up with her rear facing his head. With her hands she began to stoke his member a few times before putting it in her mouth.

Once Aroal decided he liked the taste he went to work on her slit, lapping it with his tongue.

Before long Kluhina came on his face while Aroal shot his load in her mouth.

As Aroal returned the kiss he felt the Orc’s hand reach down towards his cock which was slowly regaining its stiffness.

Aroal let out a gasp of pleasure as he felt her warm, wet insides surround his cock.
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