Female fake taxi marine gives driver a good fuck

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Female fake taxi marine gives driver a good fuck
Works for us! One night when I was off, he called when he wasn’t supposed to from an unidentified number and because things were more than a bit tight that night, tried to buffalo me into coming in to help.

With a new limo to launch that night, I changed out of my usual limo clothes and put on the new livery.

Just as I went out the door, Sarge was coming in for his cab tour that night, and he smiled and nodded to the newly minted elite Limo Driver.

As far as Biff and Dispatch were concerned, I could fuck every lady in the city, as long as I brought in my regular quota of fares for the night.

Since the limo is flat rate with no meter, this made no difference at all.

Then we switched places and she sat in the middle of the limo and leaned against me and rubbed my leg and caressed my chest all the way to her appointment.

When the baby sitter got into the limo to be driven home, she took the opportunity to let me know that she was now sixteen, actually I knew that she was only fourteen and a half, but I didn’t call her on that and she patted me on the shoulder as she left the limo.

A couple of weeks later, Delia hired the limo for four hours on a Sunday evening.

Oh My God!!!! They both had on clothing that would have gotten them arrested in public, except for the very long Velcro close-up shirt coats that were open for my views as they sat in my limo.

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First she wanted to deliver on her previous promise to pay me back for the wonderful time that she had in the previous time in the limo.

After several minutes of this, and the limo slightly shuddering to the motions, she switched again, and Delia took her slight body into her hands and planted her on to my cock like a pussy in a can and proceeded to lift and lower her in rapid motion to fuck the living daylights out of me.

After only a few minutes of this, evidently Delia didn’t want her completely spent on her first man of the night, she began to diddle L.B’s clit and the two of us shuddered and came together with Delia leaning down to get the bonus quantities of our liquid productions.

We finished in just over forty-five minutes and were then ready to move to her first appointment for the night.

There was a radiant smile on them as they left the limo for the night and walked slowly up their walkway to the door.
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