Fetish babe foot tugs

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Fetish babe foot tugs

It was like a strip show for me !! I thought how perfect the shape of a foot was, the sole, perfect for my cock to sit in, and glide up and down, the toes, the rub down against my throbbing head, and the lushes curve, for me to fuck ! Some were in high heels and stilettos, those beautiful thin strapy shoes that I wanted to rip off.

The sight of her shapely thighs, and bulging pussy, so easily visible.

She had kept them perfect ! I wanted to fuck them, to fuck them so badly.

She got up on her knees on the desk watched me undressing and slipped a hand over her bulging pussy and watched.

The feeling drove me crazy, I thought I would faint ! Up and down she kept going ! it felt like her feet moved in a wave as they went, pressing down on my tip, so sensitive, so amazing, like slipping your head just in and out of a moist pussy, then moving the weight to the middle of her foot as she rubbed down, satisfying my urge to thrust and thrust, and then ending wish gently pressure on my balls from her heels, building huge amounts of cum! That was it there was no turning back The sight and feeling of all of this, this unknown girl, sensually loving what she was doing drove me over the urge.
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