Flexible Teen Girlfriend Fucked While Scrolling Instagram – Katie Kush

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Flexible Teen Girlfriend Fucked While Scrolling Instagram – Katie Kush
My dad had just left to the store and apparently forgot to log out of his account.

WOW! Apparently my dad has a thing very young non-nude models! They weren’t super young.

I heard the shower running so I figured dad was in the shower and wouldn’t care.

“Oh God! Sorry dad! I didn’t think you were going to be done so quickly!” “Jesus, Katie!! You about gave me a heart attack! What are you doing in here?!” He panted with his head peaking out from behind the curtain.

I spent the entire day thinking about my dad’s dick.

After going to bed, I couldn’t get his dick out of my head. I realized I was super wet and turned on by the fact there was a dick in my house.

It had always been there, but I never thought about it! I started feeling bad too, because I knew that my poor dad must have a serious case of blue balls.

Dad was in his pjs making breakfast, as he always does, and I sat down at the table to enjoy.

God, I’m a total horn dog! I eat my eggs and then tell my dad I’m going to take a shower.

All of the sudden, the image of my dad standing naked in the very spot flies into my mind.

I hear my dad shut the door to the bathroom not 2 seconds after I leave.

I know exactly what my dad is looking at and I know what caught his breath.

“Ugh, Katie? What’s what’s going up sweetie?” “Dad. I know this is weird. I know. I’m sorry. I dropped my underwear under my bed and when I went to get it, my hair got stuck somehow on the bed frame. I can’t move my head and I’m pretty sure I’m stuck. Can you help me?” Like I said, this side of the bed has 0 space to move around on.

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“Dad! Hurry! Please! It hurts so bad. I can’t believe this is happening to me” as I act like I’m on the verge of tears.

“Just get up here and get me out!” I yell at him, staring at his rock hard dick right behind my sopping wet pussy.

“Kati-” “Oh my God daddy. Oh my Goooooddd” My hair falls free from the bed frame, but I keep my head down on the ground and I see the base of his dick but the rest of it is still deep inside me.

“Fuck me daddy. Oh my God, I need you to fuck me now!” I keep slamming onto his dick and all at once, I feel his finger dig into the meaty hips my mother gave me.
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