Frei Fick am see für jedermann

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Frei Fick am see für jedermann
Uncle javed said “Where was u? Ayesha is going won’t u say bye???” I was surprised by his answer and quite happy too I said “Of curse I wanna say but I thought ppl here can mind so” “Why will ppl mind u r her childhood friend” I was very happy that now I got chance to say bye to my best friend but I guess other ppl were not coz just at the moment mr.

Me: news? What news u r talking about? Is something wrong with her? I asked too many questions at ones coz I was worried for ayesha.

The first step I took on the English land I wanted to go and see how Ayesha is but I didn’t do it coz I still had doubt if she wanna meet me or not.

Me: what? How can u think anything like that I can forget myself but can’t forget u. Ayesha: if that so why u didn’t told me you are in uk? M I so bad whom u didn’t wanted to know about ur arrival in uk? Me: that’s not thru u know it.

Me: actually Ayesha you told me last time that jahid mind our friendship and I was so sure if u will know I am in ur town u will try to meet me and that could make problems between u and jahid I just didn’t wanted to be a coz of tensions in ur life.

Me: so how r u ayesha? How’s jahid? And ur kid is it son or daughter? Ayesha: you don’t know anything? Me: what? I don’t know what r u talking about.

Ayesha: my family told nothing in our colony? Me: I have no idea ayesha coz I wasn’t much at the town after ur marriage most of the time I was out for studies last news I heard about u was about ur pregnancy.

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Me: what? How it was ur fault? Ayesha: I married a guy whom I didn’t know just coz my parents asked me to do.

Ayesha: you can recognize my eyes??? Me: of curse we are friends from over 23 years now I don’t need to see ur face to know it’s u. I can easily find out it’s u by ur eyes and ur voice too.

Me: ayesha what’s this??? Ayesha: what? Me: hijab in uk? Ayesha: you know Dr. khan strictly told me if I wanna work at his clinic I will have to work in Islamic way coz his 90% patients are from Pakistan and Arabia and they like to see woman in hijab they don’t like girl in western outfit.
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