Friend with benefits does everything shes told

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Friend with benefits does everything shes told
“Whats wro-” “Sam im so sorry I wanted to tell you. I wanted to but if I did.they would kill me.” she was in my arms crying her eyes out now and I was so confused.

“Lets see some boots and a hat would be nice right about now.” I got showered dressed and headed out.

Her whole body went stiff and she let out the loudest moan ive ever heard.

“Yes?” “Are you ok sam?” “I am are the eleven others accounted for?” “Yes were fine. I guess you were telling the truth.” “Yeah I was. So whats our next move?” “We wait and recall our forv=ces. We need a meeting of the races. We will call you.” I got out of the bunker and looked around.

“Grab my black nike cap from my car would you?” “She walked out and came back with it in hand.

“Were jumping out?” “Yes sir. Its simple run at the green light after the man infront of you is out. Then youll hear a ring when you need to pull that shoot. ALL LOADED, READY FOR TAKE OFF PILOT!” the door closed and I felt us climb up and I heard veronica over my headset.

“Get off me god damn filth!” I walked over to her and pulled out a mercury bullet.

“Im gonna fuck you so hard youll pass out!” “Try me mother fucker!” I pulled out bent her over and slammed her from behind, pulling her hair.

You are now free to shower shit piss or do what you need to do! We leave at 0750!” he walked out and I grabbed a towel and some soap.

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” as we walked she would check me out and I could feel her eyes on me.

“Lets go get’em killer.” I climbed into a humvee and we headed out to the foreward operating base in berlin.

“OUT OUT OUT!” we deployed and linked up with a major in charge.

“Wilcox what god damn it?” “Youre freaking out sir.

Were having a ground team knock out the AA platforms and SAM sites.

Understood?” SIR, YES SIR!” we all filed out and veronica was waiting for us.

“Enough captain. We have a job to do. Fire team arizona on me.” we walked out side to see a large amount of motion going to the landing strip.

“You arent leaving with out me sam! I wont let you!”I kissed her and started crying.

“40 minutes sir! Were gonna have to hold out!” I looked down and sighed.

“Im out sir! Were all out!” “ETA!?” “Thirty seconds!” I heard this roar in the distance and I could see lights in the sky, hundreds of them.

“Lets move!” we got out grabbed some weapons and ammo and walked into moscow.

“Couch, blackson, wilcox. KIA. Johnson wilson collins simmons and you all made it out.” I started begging to see my team threatening to get up and go through everyone to see them.
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