From Teen Ass to Teen Mouth

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From Teen Ass to Teen Mouth

All of the rumors and stories he heard about Billy “The Box Cutter” Minh fills Mark’s mind with dread. The gruesome details of how The Box Cutter had once castrated some dumb jock, who had unknowingly picked on the notorious teen, nearly makes Mark wet his pants.

Red follows suit, squats down over the teen’s crotch and begins pissing all over Mark’s bruised teen pole and swollen balls.

After skull fucking the teen’s mouth and raping his ass over and over again, Dirty Larry ties Mark on his back and spread-eagled on the kitchen table.

Mark’s sicko neighbor takes off his dirty cum stained boxer shorts, rolls it up into a ball and forcefully stuffs it into the white teen boy’s mouth tying it off with some packaging tape to keep it inside the struggling youth’s mouth.

Mark suddenly feels the warmth of the votive candle just against his right hip as the warmth of the old Paki’s mouth disappears and the brute releases his mushroom dickhead. Larry plays with the white teenager’s prick with one hand, he pinches Mark’s dick slit open, and gives the bitch boy a nasty smile with his decaying teeth in full display.

The dastardly bastard continues pouring melted wax covering the blond teen’s hypersensitive mushroom dickhead. Our poor Mark is in an exquisite extacy of pain! Our dear villainous villain is in an exquisite extacy of pleasure as he watches the hapless youth writhe and struggle in a rapture of unbelievable torture! Soon Mark’s entire penis is covered in red wax.

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Meanwhile the teen’s pain of course brings Dirty Pervy Larry all the more pleasure as Mark’s orgasm overwhelms the youth and forces his ass muscles to clench and engulf Larry’s nine inch flesh rod in a warm velvety blanket of twinky boy ass.
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