Furueru Kuchibiru – All sex scenes UNCENSORED!

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Furueru Kuchibiru – All sex scenes UNCENSORED!
Jessica looked up to see the young brunette make-up girl standing by the anchor desk clutching a dark designer business jackets.

“Thank you,” Jessica responded, rising from her desk, “How much time do I have to go change?” “Not much! The last video was a long one and so is the next one. The studio needs to make sure that the we hit the next break on time, and have enough time to get the group out here…” “So how long to I have?” Jessica said, interrupting the babbling girl.

She’d been the reason for the jacket change in the first place… she’d spilled that make-up down Jessica’s original jacket.

“BACK IN FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE!” Jessica McFarland was trying desperately to compose herself, but it wasn’t easy.

Before the broadcast even started, an accident had ruined Jessica’s blazer.

Further, Jessica found herself frustrated and overheated, not only by the bright studio lights, but the sexually-charged imagery of the music videos she’d had to present that night.

As the commercial break ended and Heather rushed off camera, Jessica took a sip of water to try and cool herself down a bit more.

Jessica hoped to use that time to collect her thoughts and prepare, psychologically for the interview.

“Natural Selection.” Jessica started, looking into the camera and reading the text on her teleprompter.

” Jessica briefly considered using the video’s airtime to take a break and change her jacket… but she couldn’t completely ignore the video.

Like most of the other videos, Jessica had not reviewed the video before it played on air that night.

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Even though she’d made it through the last video without any serious problem, Jessica was still worried about becoming aroused, like she had the other night when watching the “Blacked Brides” video.

Jessica turned her attention to the video monitor near her desk.
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