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futurama sex video
Like a ghost cock, stretching my anus pushing deep into me.

As it began to stiffen, I slowly guided my hand under his waistband, grasping his cock in my hand, slowly stroking him.

The only feedback I received from his was a swelling cock.

As the show ended, without saying another word, he got up off the bed and pulled down his sweatpants revealing his semi-erect cock stretching down towards the floor in between two low hanging egg sized balls.

After a few seconds of staring, I licked my lips as I moved towards his cock.

Taking the head of his cock into my mouth, one hand reached towards the base of his cock while the other caressing his warm sack.

Slowly bobbing on his cock, he steadily grew while he reached for his keyboard on his nightstand.

A suttle slapping sound was incorporated as the guy’s cock continued to ram harder into her pussy.

“Hope you don’t mind,” he commented as his cock steadily hardened.

The head of his cock was quite rounded, fading into the shaft resembling a torpedo with a blunt tip.

As I changed my position on the bed, he slowly began to pull my sweatpants down revealing my flaccid cock.

After a few more minutes of his cock exploring my mouth, without saying a word, he sat up and moved off the bed and reached for a condom and lube out of his dresser.

Looking behind me, his eyes were still glued to the TV as he lubed his cock up.

I looked back down towards the head of the bed and tightly gripped his sheets with my hands as I felt the head of his cock align with my hole.

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With the head of his cock being rather blunt, there was no easing in.

Quickly withdrawing his cock until just his head remained, slamming his entire length into me, pausing, then quickly withdrawing himself again.

Faintly hearing the screams of the busty chick telling the man she was cumming, so did the cock that was deep within me.

With his cock still plunged deep, he began to gyrate his cock in a circular motion, causing me to let out another moan as it stretched my hole further.
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