Fuzzy Lips – UNCENSORE

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Fuzzy Lips – UNCENSORE
Ellen could tell that Stephen was counting silently.

Stephen said, “What’s wrong kitten?” Sarah’s little voice was choked with tears: “The monster! The monster is in my closet again!” “Oh, kitten, there’s nothing there.” “Will you look and see?” “There’s nothing there baby, I promise. Remember your mom and me are right down the hall, okay?” “Okay,” Sarah said, sounding unconvinced.

“Now give me a kiss. Good night, Sarah.” “Good night, Stevie.” The sound of Sarah’s door closing preceded footsteps returning down the hall, and then Stephen’s weight sank down on the bed next to her.

Before Stephen could reply, the sound of Sarah’s screams interrupted them.

“No!” Ellen said before Stephen could reply.

“Let’s forget about it tonight. We’ll deal with it in the morning, when we’re both less tired.” Stephen was a silent at first, but finally he rolled over and put an arm around her, kissing her lightly.

“Hon, if Sarah comes in again-” “We’ll keep the light off. It’ll be fine. She sees scarier stuff in her room anyway, to hear her tell it.” Stephen laughed.

Ellen wriggled out of her gown before Stephen’s enthusiasm could damage it.

“Shhh, we’re supposed to be keeping it quiet, remember?” Stephen said, and then kissed her hip, tongue darting over her bare skin.

Stephen squeezed her cheeks together, and she closed her eyes and bit down on the pillows.

“Oh fuck Stephen I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum, I’m going to-” She squeezed her eyes shut again and watched a cascade of fireworks and flower shapes blossom behind her eyelids as her climax set her head spinning.

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“Sarah’s been really quiet,” said Stephen.

Maybe Stephen was right, and she really was being too hard on her? At that moment, she heard Sarah’s voice from down the hall: “Mommy, come quick!” Then Stephen’s: “Honey, come in here.

The nightlight put out a fuzzy yellow glow, and she saw Stephen on the bed, cradling Sarah in his arms.

“Stephen? Stephen!” she shook him and his eyes moved to her, but there was no hint of recognition.
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