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Jasmine laughed, “I’m mentally done and this flappy birds game is ridiculously addicting.” Janet, the devious plan in her head the real reason she insisted on the late time, quipped her new prey oblivious to her true meaning, “Addiction is hard to control.” Jasmine laughed, “Stupid cell phones. I’m not really much of a gamer. My ten year old son put this game on my phone.” Janet laughed back, deciding to lean on a student’s desk rather than sit in the chair put across from the teacher in order to showcase her long nylon-clad legs and her voluptuous breasts.

“So what are we going to do about my daughter?” The teacher chuckled, “I know, she’s quite a handful.” Janet, again responding with naughty innuendo, quipped, “Oh, she’s more than a handful.” Jasmine noticed the odd tone of the mother’s response, but didn’t put much thought into it.

Jasmine nervously asked, “What did Bethany tell you?” “First, that you were wearing thigh highs underneath your teacher attire,” Janet began.

Janet continued, “So, the question becomes what to do about it.” The teacher finally said, knowing if she didn’t speak soon she would end up in a predicament she couldn’t control, “Mrs. Jones, I’m beginning to get very uncomfortable with this conversation.” “I imagine your cunt is also very uncomfortable right now, I bet there’s a great discomfort in your panties, isn’t there?” Janet playfully asked, swearing for the first time.

Janet handed Jasmine the candy cane and ordered, “Merry Christmas, fuck yourself with it.” It was Jasmine’s turn to be surprised as she took the candy cane.

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Janet ordered, “Look at me, my teacher pet.” Jasmine opened her eyes, the candy cane still inside her.

“A white slut for black cunt,” Jasmine answered, while opening the door for the opportunity to submit sexually to her black student, “For all black cunt.” “You want to eat out my daughter, don’t you?” Janet asked.
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