Gamers rise up! THOT DOES HER PART

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Gamers rise up! THOT DOES HER PART
Her hands, still in the mists of growing, smoothly ran along her thighs upon the tearing shorts, she could feel herself grow, perhaps more so she could feel its effects as it took a toll upon her slipping denim fibers.

Her panties, more cotton, then elastic, cupped her pussy but left little to the imagination of the size of her pussy mound which sufficantly pressed directly upon the ever expanding, stretching, and finally retracting panties.

Her shoes had long been gone, they split and burst to accommodate her feet, her shoes no longer had a top portion to them and mimicked more like saddles then anything else, and her suspenders which hung loosely over her shoulders, strapped to nothing at all in particular.

Plucking them off, she had never had an occassion to explore her body like this but more so, she was exploring the differences also, it was like a whole new little journey of exploration given her body while might remain identical to her original body, the sheer size difference was more then enough reason to reexplore with renewed vigor.

She went out into the more open area, away from the gamers hallway where she was greeted with peoples interests, they surrounded her and she enjoyed each and every minute of it, but it was getting more and more embarrassing when she could hear some of the chitter chatter from people surrounding her, but they were a little in the distance, not daring to get close to her.

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Her freckled breasts, the top portion popped outward much like it was under the duress of being in a corset, and even the under part of her breasts were growing more and more exposed, which made her blush even more.

Her nipples, as large as her breasts originally were, poked outward as embarrassment flowed throughout her body, even her nipples had bumps the size of her original nipples, perhaps even more sensitive, the buckling of her purples drapes caused her to feel a very naughty sensation wash along her body, electricity running down her spin.
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