Gaming babes facialized and fucked in group

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Gaming babes facialized and fucked in group

The football jocks loved fucking her and she got the proverbial “Fucked by the team on the fifty yard line” on a cold fall night when she was a freshman just two months into high school.

Sometimes a regular would knock on her door and want to fuck which she used to hate but now she did it day or night and if someone else was there he could just wait and fuck her next.

Word had gotten around the neighborhood that a slut was fucking all comers and so new faces appeared to fuck the old slut.

She did about 25 blow jobs, and ten or so fucks and even got a couple of more fucks on the way home, and when she got home found two guys wanted to fuck her together so she invited them upstairs to her room and they fucked all her holes with their dicks and filled her with more cum and left her twenty each before they left.

Another few men came on set and one started fucking Laura while another fucked her mouth after the first man came and the other jacked off while watching them and came groaning painting his cum all over her fat little belly.

The director said, “Cut, and told the men in the audience that before they finished up, it was their turn to fuck Laura. You’ve just got a few minutes each and we’ll be filming your dicks but not your faces so go to town and fuck her hard and fill her up. We want her covered in come for the finale.” The men fucked Laura eagerly, hard and fast, using both her cunt and her ass.

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The audience kept yelling, “Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her hard,” to urge them on.
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