Gay in the car analized by straighty

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Gay in the car analized by straighty
We had a great dinner and went to a movie where Logan held my hand the whole time.

Logan was still sleeping so I was content to lay there running my hand across his chest.

I pumped quickly while Logan reached down grabbing my ass, spreading my cheeks and probing a finger inside.

“I love ‘im.” Logan walked over to me and grabbed my hand, “I love you.” “I love you too” I said back softly.

“I love you, your brother and sister love you, and your mother loves you. She’s just spent her whole life in that damn church and they’ve got her thinking that we can choose who we love, thinking some love is better than another. It’s ballsch. Here” he reached into his wallet and handed Logan a handful of money, “You boys were goin’ to London?” “Yes, this weekend” Logan answered.

“Logan, I talked to mum. She loves you. It’s just the church shat that she’s upset about. Hell, if da is so accepting then there’s nothing to be upset about.” Logan smiled, “I’m not upset. I’m happy. Mum may need time but I’ve got you and Nate who accept and love me, da who surprised the hell out of me that he doesn’t care one bit and completely accepts us, and Zac.” He turned and looked at me, “I really do love you.” I smiled, “I love you too.” He put his right hand on the side of my face and kissed me.

“Nice to meet you.” “Likewise,” he shook my hand and looked back at Logan, “Well congratulations. I had no idea you was gay. Who all have you told?” “Uh, just about everybody now. My brutha and sis are over there grabbing a table with Dillon.” “You told everybody! Well what the fuck?” He said upset but then smiled again, “How’d Dillon take it, you livin’ with him all that time and all?” “Actually he already knew.” “You fuckin ass!” he snarled and walked over to the table, “You known Logan were gay all this time and never told me, you fucking twat?” I really loved the way they swore at each other.
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