Gigi fucks her father-in-law

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Gigi fucks her father-in-law
There four guys from our apartment, but about twenty guys and fifteen girls altogether.

I wanted to fuck every guy there, they were all cute and I understood what Jerry meant about working myself up to that many guys and why he wanted that many, but still” After we set up our towels, Jerry untied my top like I knew he would.

He finished loosening my back string so that my top fell into the potato salad. I was so enraptured by the wet tip of his cock rubbing my butt cheeks and sliding between them that I never noticed till an hour or two later when the guy fucking me at the time, told me the lady had taken it out and dropped it behind the table.

The feelings going through me as I realized I had just let a total stranger fuck me and not just fuck me, but fuck me in front of people whose names I didn’t even know, just some of their faces, were awesome.

The lady said, “Yes, she is. That’s what happens when you fuck a girl while she’s standing up.” “My favorite position is doggy-style,” I told him.

“Tony, I’m going to suck you off again. Would you get someone to come fuck me while I suck you?” “Sure.” I was still working on his balls when I felt someone slide inside me.

“Then please do. Like I said earlier, feeling hot cum inside me just puts me over the edge. It’s the best part of fucking. I hate rubbers” Man, when he said he was about to come, he really meant it.

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She put her finger to my lips and said, “Later, tonight, you’re going to be too sore for those guys you invited to your apartment, but I can make you feel better. We’ll spend the night together and I’ll fuck your husband too, if its all right with you. I notice he’s the only guy not fucking every other girl here.” “Well” “Please.” “Well, all right, but he’s mine. You can fuck him, but he’s mine.” “Of course, my name’s Jill, by the way.” “Gigi.” “Glad you came today.” Jerry rolled over as Jill got up.
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