Girlfriend lets me cum inside her

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Girlfriend lets me cum inside her
Age has nothing to do with it -but I think we could have some fun – like your girlfriend – would she mind if she knew you and I had a fuck.

After about 5 minutes she said that’s enough for now lets fuck I said how about you – would you like me to return the pleasure.

No way – my first boy said he should be fucking me but I always seemed to be fucking him – I love it.

I then slowly began to fuck her and she lay back and let me do my thing, I knew she was enjoying the sensation herself and not just lying here being fucked we were having a mutually agreeable fantastic fuck.

Her lips were a bit fuller and pink after having been fucked by my cock and sucked out by my mouth – she was fantastic for her age.

We fucked for another four or five minutes and then she said ok – I am getting a little bit sore – can I do it on top now.

Two girls with a dildo plying and fucking each other with it – a double ended dildo that seems to go into both of them at the same time and then sucking each other or fingering them off.

Fucking hell – she said – Fuck its here I m going to cum OHHHHHH FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK. Ohhhhh FFFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKK and she wriggled her cunt around on my cock rubbing her clit against my cock I worked myself up into her fucking her from below and she was meeting my rhythm and then I came and as I pumped my cock into her my cum pumped in as well – my cum flooded into her and she looked down at me as I was biting my lip and she said you are cumming arnt you – I didn’t want to spoil her fun and tell her.

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It will be just between you and me – my boyfriends wont know and if I do what you asked of me with Jan I could still fuck you as well – would she be upset if she knew you were fucking me as well if she knew me.

I wouldn’t be a problem – just a fuck buddy and we could fuck whenever you wanted me to.

Ok – let me think about it and yes I would be happy to fuck you at times – it would be better than masturbating when Jan is not available – she is away working at times and you could fill the gap.

Holley will drive me mad if she doesn’t want to and I enjoy fucking her – she is good and I want it to continue.
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