Giving her that BBC

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Giving her that BBC
fucked all evening I can see” Barry laughed.

“Look lads, look at the size of the lips on this pussy – we never guessed that did we? Girls, what do you think? I bet none of you have got lips as big as these or a cunt quite as juicy eh? Its a shame to have them covered by this bush, how about giving her pussy a shave so we can see everything more clearly? Good idea I think, eh?” With that he pushed her foot off the chair so she stood up, still supported by Paul who by now had reached his arms round her and was cupping and groping her breasts and nipples.

One camera fixed on her face, watching her expression as the climax approached, recording her breathing as it went to hard, sharp intakes, while the other was focused on her cunt and clitty as the girl’s tongue licked the tip of her clitty then just as her climax was about to break, she would move to suck and lick around her lips, sucking the long lips right into her mouth, teasing them with her teeth then releasing them.

“You want me to film you while Barry fucks you however he wants you then while any of the others have you, that’s right isn’t it? We can do whatever we want with you?” “Yes, if that’s what Barry wants.

You especially want Barry to fuck you up the arse, now tell me again your favourite positions.

Now, to start, tell Barry he can have you however he wants, he can fuck you in any hole and in any position and then undress him.

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Barry fucked her cunt for some time, holding her hips and pulling her back onto his cock as he bucked his hips at her so he banged hard into her soft body, making her grunt.
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