Guy fuck’s best friends sister on Valentine’s day

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Guy fuck’s best friends sister on Valentine’s day
Melissa shyly admitted, “I’m wearing most of it.” Her sister-in-law, having just discovered the remaining pieces, looked up to comment, “Really? Well, please, let’s see it then.” For the second time that day, Melissa pulled off her sweatshirt to reveal the top of the harness.

Melissa thought her friend sounded strangely breathless as Wendy made some incomprehensible explanation about school projects and Melissa needing time with her family.

Melissa’s eyes slid sideways to the mirror over the sink beside him and confirmed her own curls were in even worse shape.

“Dummy,” Melissa berated herself, “You didn’t even ask him his name.” Sighing, she dove into her morning routine; she needed a run before facing her own classes.

Melissa worked up the courage to go next door and talk to Rich that evening.

Why, Melissa wondered, had she waited so long to do this? The party was in full swing by the time Melissa reached “Hell Suite.” Beckman Hall was one of the newer dorms, and featured several sets of rooms connected by semi-private hallways that opened onto lounges.

In fact… “We owe you, Lissa.” What? “Remember, I bet you that you’d have more fun than I would. Well, I can’t afford to loose the money, so some of the guys offered to help me out. Go with the flow, babe!” One of the men moved over her; Melissa didn’t recognize him at all.

The cup of water Melissa allowed herself after rinsing her mouth tasted like sweet ambrosia.

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Whatever the hour was, it was late enough the campus was deserted, for which Melissa was grateful.

Melissa found herself on the verge of tears when she discovered someone had filled her keyhole with superglue.

Melissa watched him go and wondered what she’d gotten herself into.

Although no serious action could begin until the major league season started later in the year, Rich invited Melissa to join them again next week for some of their other games.
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