guy passionately fucks his married friend

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guy passionately fucks his married friend
Knowing what I’m giving up being gay sometimes makes me rethink my life.

” so what’s your name kid?” ” Aiden” ” that doesn’t sound Japanese” ” that’s because it’s not” ” what’s your real name?” he asked.

” Tashinaku” “What?” “Tashinaku” ” what!” ” aren’t you going to ask for my name? that’s a bit rude don’t you think?” ” fine! what’s your name?” ” Mikashi” he said.

In japan no one asks questions when two men hold hands.

” I’m gay” I said making sure he understands.

” Are you? hmm” ” well are you?” ” aren’t you coming inside?” “Are you going to answer me?” “i don’t care if you’re gay” ” but are you gay?” ” do you want to discuss this standing outside of my apartment? or do you want to come inside and i can show you if I’m gay or not” he said still covering up a question with another question.

I guess if you go by gay stereotypes he fits the profile, but sometimes you really need something to confirm it.

The straight guy playing the gay guy thing always bugged me.

“Fuck you” ” i know you would” i can’t really recall what he said after that, because we couldn’t stop laughing.

Before we…i just….you have to tell me if your gay or not” “Why does it matter?” ” because” “Because? because why?” ” it matters to me ok, I’m the gay boy who’s being seduced by a man who’s possibly straight” “So?” ” how are you not understanding?” ” you ask a lot of questions” he said not answering any of them.

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” Are you gay or not?” ” what difference does it matter what sexuality i am? If two people are attracted that’s all that matters” “Who said I’m attracted to you?” “Haha ok, if you weren’t attracted to me you wouldn’t have came up here with me” that much was true, but deep inside i needed to know.

Mikashi kissed down my neck and pulled my shirt over my head, before taking off his own.

Rolling my ass in circles and pushing back against him.

His fingers pull out and I feel the tip of his cock pressing against my hole.
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