Haruomi fucked by his best friend UNCENSORED

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Haruomi fucked by his best friend UNCENSORED
As you leaned your head to the side and breathed out I would kiss down your neck and shoulders while letting my hands reach for those amazing tits through your shirt and begin squeezing them waiting for your nipples to get hard.

Your moans become screams and your body starts to shake as I finally make you cum for the first time.

As the feeling slowly fades you think to yourself “Hopefully the first of many” and I have every desire to see that there will be more.

After your body has relaxed a bit I return to your clit licking and sucking but only long enough to reignite the lust in your eyes.

Lowering your dripping slit back to my lips you quickly open my pants and slide them down getting your first look at me.

Did I see a grin before you take the tip into your mouth? Slowly you slide your lips down the length feeling it get harder as you engulf it.

As I feel myself getting close I try to pull my dick from your mouth.

Finally you release me with a whimper and I roll you onto your back.

For me it is a tight, warm and wet sensation that most men never have the good fortune to feel.

You feel the fullness and satisfaction that even woman desires as the first ripples of another orgasm begins to overcome you.

Once I am completely inside you we pause and enjoy this feeling of pure lust.

Two people wanting nothing more than to feel the pure lust that only unconditional desire can bring.

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HARDER, HARDER!! I feel like I am no longer in control.

I feel your pussy tighten up and squeeze my cock like a hand.

I feel your body tense as you pull me totally inside you.

You hold me deep as wave after wave flows through your body.

You love the feeling of being taken and the fullness it gives you.

You beg to ride me, to make me cum, to feel it shooting inside you.

You pull yourself off of my dick and force me to my back.

Once on top of me you sit on my cock forcing it to the very back of your pussy.

You are cumming so hard you body has complete control of you now.

Your whole body tenses up and you scream for me to cum inside you.

“Please give it to me, I have to feel you cum in deep in my little pussy” I can not hold back any longer.

After what seems an eternity the feelings start to fade.

You slither down my body and take my softening dick back into your mouth.
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