Hollie Mack’s first interracial scene

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Hollie Mack’s first interracial scene
‘Switch Hitters’, more particularly the locker room scene, would trigger the first part of my slow sexual awakening.

The scene takes place after the team wins a major game and stripper Bunny, played by Stacy Donovan, has lost a bet with two of the team’s players involving the win but she somehow ends up allowed to take charge of them.

The scene then switches to Kirby eating Bunny’s pussy as Kevin takes him in the ass.

The scene quickly changes to show the two teammates straddling the bench over Bunny.

The scene ends with its final money shot of Kirby coming between and on Bunny’s perky little tits.

Elements of the locker room scene from ‘Switch Hitters’ have also showed up in my writing, although in a couple of stories I have yet to do editing and rewrites on as well as some that I have.

In ‘The Sound of her MASTER’S VOICE’ Kitty and Betty give Heather advice on how to suck a man’s cock, influenced somewhat by Bunny’s directions to Kirby in the scene.

In the years since I first saw the original ‘Switch Hitters’ only one other scene has ever evoked such a response within me.

For the moment all I can say about that scene is it was passionate and highly erotic, and for me the scene evoked not only the hint of male bisexuality but also BDSM, swinging and prostitution, which are other subjects that act as a great deal of the fodder for my stories.

The movie went through its joke of a plot, and there were scenes here and there, but I assured her that the best scene would be coming up and she would see what I had been telling her about.

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My wife went to work sucking my cock, and it made me realize that to an extent the locker room scene in ‘Switch Hitters’ had spoken to her, perhaps not on exactly the same level, but I was thinking perhaps on the same lines, the scene having the same effect that similar scenes of lesbian and female bisex have on men.

The locker room scene from ‘Switch Hitters’, in my opinion, to this day, it is the greatest sex scene ever filmed for an adult movie.
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