Hot and mean lesbians

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Hot and mean lesbians

“After Tori told you her definition of a lesbian did she say anything else.” Jade slowly clarified, trying not to lose her temper with the ditzy redhead. “Oh.” Cat murmured in understanding, “She asked me if I thought I was a lesbian.” There was a little pause and then with a soft side Jade asked, “And? What did you say after Tori asked you if you thought you were a lesbian?” “Probably.” Cat said smiling as if it was no big deal.

“It’s another word for lesbian. Well, lesbianism.” Jade said thoughtfully, and when she saw Cat looked a little lost she added slowly and softly, “Lots of different words basically meaning the same thing, ok Kitten?” “Oh, ok.” Cat murmured before giggling, “That’s silly.” “Mmmm.” Jade mumbled thoughtfully before adding, “So what happened next?” “When?” Cat asked.

Just as Jade was about to open the door, Cat asked, “Jade, what did Tori mean by other stuff when she was talking about what homosexualitys do to each other?” Jade turned to Cat.

Then in a very soft and timid tone Cat broke the silence, “J, jade… are you my boyfriend?” Despite herself Jade smiled softly, “You mean girlfriend Cat.” “Oh.” Cat said softly, obviously having to work up the courage to continue, “Are… are you? I… I mean last night you said you like-liked me, and I really, really like-like you, and Tori said that lesbians want to kiss, and date, and do the stuff we just did with other girls, so… so if we’re doing that stuff and kissing, are we dating?” After biting her lip for a little bit Jade replied, “Not necessarily.” “Oh.” Cat murmured, obviously disappointed.
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