Hot Chunker Fucked HARD in the Gym!

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Hot Chunker Fucked HARD in the Gym!
“Which one of you hot studs do I get to wrap my lips around your big cock and who is going to ram their big cock in my pussy or ass first?” I moaned looking forward to some good hard fucking.

“Ram that big cock in my hot pussy Franco.” I didn’t have to wait very long before I felt Franco’s huge cock head pressing against my pussy lips before he rammed his cock fully into me and pressing it against my clit.

“So is this hot pussy.” Franco groaned pushing more and more of his huge cock into my pussy.

He rammed his entire cock in me and I felt a huge orgasm gripping my entire pussy.

Every time Steve pulled his huge cock out of my mouth with only his huge cock head in my mouth I took a deep breath through my nose and let it out.

I felt Franco ram his huge cock into my wet pussy his huge balls banging against me.

If Steve’s huge cock wasn’t filling my mouth I would have yelled.

“Shut up Franco and ram that thick black cock in my hot pussy.” Thankfully I didn’t have to say anything because I felt Franco grip my hips and ram his huge cock all the way in my pussy pushing against my clit at the same time sending me into another orgasm shaking my entire body.

“Your neck looked so sexy the way it took on the shape of Steve’s cock. I want to try that throat out next.” “Go ahead Matt.” Another black teenager standing beside Steve yelled, but I’m going to try out her ass as soon as Franco shoots his load in her pussy.

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” I felt Franco’s cock expanding in my throat and knew he was shooting a nice big load in my hot pussy, maybe even impregnating me.

Franco gripping my hips even harder and I felt his cock pulling out of pussy and I felt another load spurting all over my back.

He began to withdraw his cock until only his huge cock head filled my mouth.

” I answered feeling the guy behind pulling his huge cock out of my ass until only his cock head remained in my ass.

“What did the men say about coming over next weekend for the marathon soccer weekend?” I asked the same time the hot man rammed his entire cock in my ass causing me to slip and loosing the grip on the phone and dropping it.

” The guy behind me said pushing his huge cock in my ass again even harder than before.
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