Hot college Fuck Fest

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Hot college Fuck Fest
I hadn’t heard from Bill since we met for our weekend fuck fest pictures and really didn’t expect to hear from him again because I was told he was fucking someone new.

Plus, Jack and I found new ways to express our love for each other with more intense sex.

Jack packed a little when he came home from work and I kept telling him about labeling the boxes so we would know where they needed to go in the new house.

In shock, I saw every picture Bill took of me and us since the very first time, every one including the last fuck fest weekend that even included the DVD as the entire house and shed were being filmed.

He didn’t make a copy for himself, he gave that copy to Jack.

In the last folder were pictures of Jack and various other girls.

Some just naked pics but others with blow jobs and fucking.

At least nine that had their picture taken fucking Jack.

I met Jack as he came in the door hugged and kissed him.

He showed me the first picture and said the girl had just fucked Bill in the bed next to him at one of the events they were at, and he had never fucked anyone there before even though Bill wanted him to and set him up with a few girls.

He did enjoy watching Bill fuck these girls and watched it many times.

When Bill showed him the pictures later the next week Jack was surprised as he never fucked that girl.

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Bill would show me the pictures unless Jack agreed to his terms.

Bill would move the office to his college so he could be close to me, and see me all the time.

Bill also told Jack he wanted to fuck me since he met me 2 years earlier.

Jack looked at me and said everyone that meets you wants to fuck you.

So after I became Bill’s Thursday afternoon fuck he told Jack if he didn’t start fucking some of the girls Bill provided he would show me the pictures of Jack from that first time.

Jack told me that’s how he got Mike and Larry involved.

I smiled, took off my tank top and thong, as Jack got undressed and he just fucked me on the floor.

Then he told me he would love to have another guy to fuck me while he was there.
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