Hot Mom Jerks Off Step Son!

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Hot Mom Jerks Off Step Son!
Oh my god, she thinks, I was holding his dick, as she remembers the feel of the thing entangled in the towel as she grabbed it.

Tera glances towards the area she had reached her hand out to and sees Kyle’s dick jerking from beneath his trunks.

Her clit feels strained as her thighs straighten, squeezing so strongly she has to cross her thighs and lay sideways as she squeezes them in time with the constant inner surging of Kyle’s dick.

Seeing Tera approaching from down the beach a ways she knows she has to remove her hand from Kyle’s dick but it feels frozen, unresponsive, addicted to the pulsing within it as surely as her mind is.

Hmmm maybe mom is enjoying the sight and feel of his big dick surreptitiously, he is my brother and I like thinking about it, she reasons as she watches her mother’s body lean across her brothers body to grab her purse.

Tera knew her mom was in an aroused agony and she felt her own arousement taking control of her as she watched Kyle’s dick bobbing so she stood up and said, “I think we should go mom, I’m tired” “Yeah, I’d like to lay down too sweetie, so lets go on home”, Rita replied with arousement stressing her voice.

Tera, feels herself tense as she realizes he is thinking of her as he plays with his hard dick.

Her body shudders as she feels her clit riding along his hot dick.

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His hands grip her thin hips, the soft skin of her hips beneath his fingers drives him as he holds her to his dick and begins an upwards pressure as she pushes down onto his dick, both craving the feeling of his fat dick embedded in her hot, young, virgin pussy.

Her body’s refusal to allow him entry fills her with a heated frustration but that only serves to intensify the craving she has to feel her brothers dick inside her.

Rita had just pressed her biggest dildo deep in her pussy and was hunching into it with Kyle’s dick in her mind when she hears a cry that sounds like Tera’s voice.
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