House Sex Challenge – Ava Addams

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House Sex Challenge – Ava Addams
Overall, Christina is a very curvy mature lady with nice full breasts, skin that’s slightly tanned that glows under the light and a smile to die for.

If I ever marry a girl like Christina, I would die happy.

After we change into our swim trunks, we scatter towards the pool and Christina is in a leopard spot bikini.

I can tell Christina is starting to get uncomfortable and leaves the pool to go back inside.

Later on, I decide to help Christina out in the kitchen while my cousins play videogames.

During dinner, my two cousins run to ensure they have a seat next to Christina at the table.

I can tell that Christina is trying to be polite even though they come off as total pigs.

Too bad for them, after they agree she says they’re going to be doing it alone while Christina plays video games with me.

Not because I suck, mind you – I’m actually awesome at DDR – but I’m constantly distracted by Christina’s breasts bouncing up and down as she jumps on the mat.

“Hey, your Uncle Pat says you know of some great dance tunes and I was wondering if I could check out your library to see if I could give it to the DJ for the wedding?” she asks.

“It’s just porn. I watched it when I was your age. I still do. It’s nothing to be embarrassed over.” “Christina” “Look, it’s perfectly normal. It’s my fault for looking through your computer in the first place.” “I’m sorry” “Don’t be. Plus, Tommy Gunn is kind of hot,” she jokes.

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It’s crazy how I am finding out exactly what drives Christina wild.

My dick is now so stiff, my hard on grazes Christina’s leg.

“Christina, I don’t want you to stop,” I tell her.

Christina stands there for a moment before making her way over to me.

With her tongue out, she swirls it around my right nipple as she jerks me off.

“Christina” Upon hearing my hint, she brings her face back up, kissing her way up from my stomach all the way up to my chest and sucks hard on my left nipple while jerking me off rapidly.
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