I Got Naked For My Step brother and He Couldn’t resist

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I Got Naked For My Step brother and He Couldn’t resist
“Really,” Becky said, rotating back-and-forth from him to the girl.

“Come on, Becky, my mom will get pissy if she has to wait.” “Thanks for the ice cream,” Becky said.

With a new resolve, Evan left the bathroom and ran right into Becky.

Their mother would have ripped her a new one for going out, “Half naked, without a bra!” Becky had probably been flirtatious and seductive in her sneaky way for a long time, but since he’d gone into her room and shot his load, her ways had become a blatant assault on him.

Becky hooked her thumbs in the pockets, twisted shyly on crossed feet, and said, “She’d say, ‘Jason, you should show your sister what happens to naughty little girls who dress like sluts.'” He turned her around, yanked her shorts down and bent her over the table.

Her mother had been telling her, “Nice girls don’t touch themselves like that,” since the first time she caught Becky with her hand between her legs.

The video window loaded and a small, cute girl with light brown pigtails was sitting on a couch looking at TV. She bore an amazing likeness to Becky, and as the scene progressed, she reminded him of the annoying Becky that he’d put up with for years.

Could a woman like her do the right thing, break his heart, again? At Jason’s House Jason’s conscience still bothered him, but Becky had never given any indication that she knew he’d blown his load on her carpet while staring at her pussy.

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“Becky, could you please bring me a spoon?” “Anything for you,” Becky said.

Becky picked up the spoon and walked towards him, their mom in the background oblivious to his sister’s hips doing more than they needed to do.

Then to his surprise, Jason’s sister, Becky plopped down in the seat next to Darlene.

“You ain’t gonna chicken out?” “Oh no,” Becky said, “I ain’t no chicken…you know.

“Whatever you say,” Becky said, and stood, faced Darlene, then wiggled her way down between the seats.
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