I perfectly know how to distract him when he is working on pc!

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I perfectly know how to distract him when he is working on pc!
“Ian what is happening here for god’s sake, the whole damn restaurant is staring at me?” “You’re just looking very beautiful and desirable Edith that’s all.” “It’s more than that Ian. It’s because of what we must represent to them all too.” “How does that feel then Edith?” “Scary but exciting I suppose.” “Then enjoy it Edith.” She took in the neighbour in her sights and received a very warm smile and then suddenly a surreptitious wink.

“Well Edith it’s good to see you out and about and looking so well and, if I may say so, audacious, but are you going to introduce me to your handsome friend?” “This is my son-in-law, Ian. Ian this is Freda.” I was astonished at Edith’s nerve in declaring me so openly, but now it was done.

“I have a sense you two are a bit of an item, to say the least. And I think that is absolutely marvellous. Ian, Edith is a wonderful woman who has been treated abominably by her selfish husband. At last you have tapped her pent up sexuality and you look fantastic for it Edith. I envy you. Shall I tell Ian about us Edith?” Edith gasped but gave her tacit acquiescence.

“Well Ian, you have managed what was too far for Edith with me. I sense you are both thoroughly enjoying being sexual with each other. I wanted her, and still do incidentally, but it was too much to go there for Edith.” “Oh Freda darling I am so sorry, I just wasn’t ready at the time, when was it, about a year ago on this very sofa. My body wanted to but my head just held me back. I am very touched you still want me.” With that Freda got up and stepped over to Edith, taking her hand.

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Leaning forward Freda slipped her tongue forward to lick Edith’s outer labia, which were very pronounced, whilst still fingering the edge of Edith’s sphincter.

Freda began a rhythmic movement between her vaginal orifice and her clit that lifted Edith up in sexual tension.

“Oh I’ve needed that so badly. Bless you Edith, you’re a natural, a bloody natural. We’ll go far with a mouth like that.” Edith stood and said she was going to the loo and Freda said there was no need we could look after her.
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