Icing on the cake

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Icing on the cake
You startle her when you slide the patio door open and she spills her drink on her breast as she spins around to see who is approaching her.

You stare for a moment as she lifts the other breast.

“Ooh you have piercings, I want to get some so bad but I’m scared. Can I see yours?” Your body is paralyzed with fear as you imagine someone walking in as you pull out your bountiful breast for another woman to gaze upon.

You watch her eyes get big as you pull your bra up and cup your breast.

You hear someone coming down the hallway so you both hide your breast.

You slip your hands into her panties and rub her clit as she breaks your kiss and leans against the cold railing.

She massages her own breast and tosses her head back before gazing at you with a look of pure unadulterated lust.

You turn to see her arch her back to get her panties off and you pull your top over your head. Not wanting her to see how wet your panties are you turn and unbutton your skirt.

You look over your shoulder and she is already rubbing her clit; bottle still in hand.

You feel her crawl off of you and then you feel your cheeks spread. You try to look back when you feel the sticky substance and realize that she has rubbed cake all over your cake.

You pour a liitle liquor on her neck before sucking on it as you press your breast against hers.

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As you flick your tongue you push both breast together and swipe your tongue from left to right.

She grabs the back of your head and collects her breast under her free arm before bouncing up and down on your fingers.

You keep your lips wrapped around her clit and your hands get wetter as she begins to shake.

She slides off your fingers and sucks them before sucking your breast and rubbing your clit.

Her tongue darts in and out of your pussy while rotating against your walls as she rubs your clit.

As you tip toe past the drunken sleeping women she rubs your ass and you rub her clit in return.
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