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I’ll tell mom!
“You’re taller than dad now little brother” she pointed out, looking up at me.

So her solution would be to keep him occupied with baby after baby so that he couldn’t go out and search for another wife.

“What were you and Rachel talking about earlier?” she asked me out of nowhere throwing me off as we entered her and Rachel’s bedroom.

“Oh god that’s itput your mouth on them” she gasped pulling my head down to her chest as I pulled her shirt down to expose her milky white flesh.

I’ll be down in a minute” “Alright, if you see Hollis, tell him to come outside too” Carol said before she left and I heard her footsteps go down the staircase.

Well c’mon let’s get out there before they get suspicious” she half smirked at me.

“Snap out of it” Anna said before slapping across the cheek.

“Fuck Anna!” I groaned and did the same to her whilst continuing to thrust hard in and out of her cunt.

We made ourselves presentable before leaving the bathroom and headed out to the back again.

“What happened out there, you nearly killed Amy’s husband” “Nothing, it was just a misunderstanding actually.

I let out a small groan as she gripped the base of my penis and began to slowly stroke the wet limp cock up and down.

“Huh? I’m not really surprised, but I’ve never heard of picking two sisters before. I don’t know why it can’t be done, but I don’t think your father would approve of you marrying Anna. He no longer has the soft spot for her he once had” “I don’t care. He’ll approve no matter what, and seeing as I don’t have a choice but to marry one of my sisters, I’m not going to choose between Anna and Cat. I care about them both” “Well, he certainly can’t argue with you on that. We’ll tell everyone after you graduate and take your position in your father’s company. Now get out, I actually need to shower” she kissed me and pushed me out of the shower.

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“Amy, what are you doing out here?” I asked, pretending as if I hadn’t heard her question.

Threesomes were out of the question and I was laughingly chastised for even bringing it up.

On the last night at the cabin he talked to me about our family tradition when he found out that my mother had told me.

“You can’t hurt anything” she rolled her eyes before they nearly bugged out of her skull when I dropped my shorts.

“A girl can get off easy on a dick like this” she moaned now rocking harder on my prick head, getting almost all of the knob in her cunt before letting it squeeze out.

“Oh god hollis” she cried out as her pussy spasmed around my cock.

She rose all the way up letting the head slip out of her before coming back down.

The only thing to do now was just to wait and see how it all turned out.
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