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I wanted to slip my erect penis between the tight smooth muscled cheeks of a buff man’s ass and fuck him, and I enjoyed imagining a strong, manly man pushing his cock into me.

My cock was hard and bouncing up and down as I walked through to my bedroom where the freshly unboxed sex toy awaited me.

I stroked up and down, imagining a real cock in my hand.

I rested for a few minutes, after my orgasm but sucking the cock and pretending it was one of the attractive men in my magazines brought me back quickly.

It took a while before I was able to take the rubber cock into my ass all the way.

I positioned the cock against my anus and lay back again.

I stroked my hard cock with the dildo filling my bottom, and quickly felt myself cumming.

He may have been older than me, but his body was fine, and when I caught my first glimpse of his cock, I reached another level of arousal.

Then my hand went around him and I held his wonderful hard cock in my fist.

He towered over me, held my head and thrust his cock between my lips.

I reached up and gripped his manly buttocks as his cock went in and out of my mouth.

I reached up and fondled his balls as his cock continued in and out of my mouth.

He slowed his movements and released his hold on my head. He pulled his cock from my puffy lips and leaned down.

He had some lube and covered his cock with it as I watched.

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Our eyes locked as he reached down between us to guide his hard cock to my ass.

“YES! I like it. I love it!” “Sweet boy.” “Fuck me. I love how your cock feels. I love how my ass feels with your cock in it.” He fucked me.

I lay there, under him and felt his cock going in, and in, and in, and into me.

I looked over his shoulder and watched his sexy bum as it went up and down with his thrusting cock impaling my virgin ass.

He reached back and caught one leg in the crook of his arm, keeping me lifted and making it possible for him to drive his cock even deeper.

His cock was hitting somewhere inside me that seemed to give me a permanent orgasm.
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