In Tesla they have good sex

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In Tesla they have good sex

“Oooh Ardanis’ has done it this time…” “Did you see Tesla’s package? Mm, I’ll have to get me some of that myself…” “You’d have thought he’d have learned by now…” Tesla ignored them all easily, though she did glance left at the young gazelle girl who’d mentioned wanting some of what she had to give.

“Wow, that’s really got him rock hard huh?” One girl asked, a smirk on her lips and Tesla laughed as she felt Ardanis blush so brightly at the comment that she could feel the heat of his cheeks against her ass.

“Mm, you two a couple?” She asked, her eyes drawn down to Tesla’s own package, impressive in its size and her large bust with her hard pink nipples.

Tesla shook her head, “Best friends, though he’s married.” “Oooh, whoever he’s married to is lucky.” The woman giggled and Tesla grinned.

Over the course of several Ardanis continued to worship her ass with his eager lips and tongue and Tesla moaned out in satisfaction before, finally, she shifted her weight forward, allowing him to draw in a lungful of unobstructed air, his chest rising and falling as he panted hard.

Ardanis opened his eyes, looking over Tesla’s shoulder at the figure appearing from the mist, his vision bouncing in time to Tesla’s thrusts as he looked at the new arrival with a lustful pleasured expression.

“Y-yes,” Tesla responded for him, drawing a laugh of Naira before she leaned in and kissed Tesla on the neck.

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“Mm, have fun with my husband, see if you can’t get the whole gym to hear him before you give him back, hm?” Naira smirked and, after giving Tesla’s hips a parting squeeze, stepped away from the pair into the shower where she began washing herself down, her attention torn between the two rutting shower couples.

Ardanis turned his attention back to Tesla who was panting harder, from the exertion, and, he recognised, from her impending climax.
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