Incredible orgasms during sex compilation

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Incredible orgasms during sex compilation
Her father made no comment after breaking lip contact; he let Claire stagger away to get ready for her party.

Claire didn’t know what had happened or why her father kissing her had made her orgasm twice.

The guests soon arrived – Kitten came first, wearing nothing but panties, having heard about the party from Claire over the last week.

Neither of these two bitches looked Claire in the eyes, obviously remembering how they had been raped on Claire’s suggestion.

Steph removed her top without prompting, exposing a pretty lace bra, and then, while Claire and Kitten looked at her disapprovingly, she slid her panties down from under her skirt as well, blushing all the while.

Michael had helped Claire find appropriate movies to watch, as Claire had obviously been too busy sucking politician cock all week to properly prepare for the party.

As the first girls appeared on screen, Claire extracted Ben’s dick from his pants and started to suck on it happily.

Claire got up to change the disc and put on “Red Udders”, a compilation that focused on whipping and slapping of girl’s breasts, interspersed with titfucks and men cumming and pissing on the fuckbags of sluts.

Claire looked across to Steph and saw that she was trying to surreptitiously rub her pussy while watching the film.

Ben took a hint and did the same with Elena, while Claire made her pussy available to Chris.

At Claire’s suggestion, Amy and Elena licked each others’ cunts clean, as did Steph and Kitten.

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Afterwards everyone went home except for Kitten, who predictably was staying to sleep in Claire’s father’s bed and, presumably, fuck him.

First their father had some words for Claire and Steph.

The chains connected Steph’s left nipple to Claire’s right, and vice versa.

The arrangement meant that, at most, Claire could keep her face about two inches from Steph’s wet, dripping cunt.

The only light was from the TVs, which showed Claire and Steph being fucked and raped, and kissing each other naked in the mornings.
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