Insane young couple fuck hard, she cries after intense squirt!

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Insane young couple fuck hard, she cries after intense squirt!
My cock is twitching in anticipation of fucking her senseless again.

” Marci leans forward and lightly licks the tip of my cock, licking off the pre-cum.

” Marci, juices drenching her panties, begins sucking and nibbling on my cock, rubbing the base at the same time.

My cock is just going to slide right in your tight pussy, won’t it?” I murmur against her nipple.

You’ll dream about my cock fucking your sopping wet pussy.

Looking into her eyes, I rub them over my now hard cock, simulating sex.

” How do you want to come then? Do want my finger or my cock inside you?” ” Your cock, please.

My giant cock points out in front of me like a flagpole.

Marci stood frozen in front of me, eyes wide and stuck on my massive cock again.

Taking my huge cock in hand, I slid the giant head along her slick cunt lips and nudge against her rock hard clit.

I’m hitting her in places that no cock has ever been before, and she has fucked a few guys in college.

Taking one in each hand I use them like handles and pull her onto my cock as I thrust deep into her molten center.

My big thrusting cock and large swinging balls are covered with her juice.

Underneath all the electric currents flowing thru and around her, she feels deep inside building and building, and with every thrust of my massive cock that drives up her overworked cunt with pressure building.

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Her pussy clamps down on my plunging cock like a vise.

The entire length of her rippling cunt grabs at my thrusting cock and tries to milk all the sperm from it.

My cum pours out of me in eruption after eruption coating the inside of her burning pussy and then squeezing out around the base of my rampaging cock as I continue to thrust into her pussy again and again.

Carefully, raising her legs over my shoulders I line my cock up and enter her with one piercing thrust.

Marci who is impaled on my giant cock, and is now my total slave in New York.

” You fucker, let me go! I mean it, let me go!” I grab her hair pulling her head back and slip my cock into her virgin asshole.
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